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Mc5 Rare Original French Press !


Kick Out The Jams Orig 1969 LP on French Vogue / Elektra CLVLXEK 351

Mega rare French original press, sadly the sleeve got some damage on the back, on the top edge their is 2 small parts missing. Vinyl show quite many surface marks, but not too deep, music still play great!

Tracklisting : Ramblin' Rose / Kick Out The Jams / Come Together / Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa) / Borderline / Motor City Is Burning / I Want You Right Now / Starship

Record=VG+ Cover=VG Label=M-


Melodians Singapore instrumental LP Exotica Garage surf


A go-go and off beat cha cha Orig 60s LP on Singapore Cortersions

Very nice instrumental beat surf exotica crossover album.
Listen to the sample 1 - Sample 2 & Sample 3

Record=VG Cover=VG++ Label=M-/VG+(name)



Melody makers Canadian college Teen Garage album


Orig 1963 LP on Canadian Plaza PL-3301

Quite obscure Canadian album from Montreal. Never heard about this very young teen trio before, and why I found this copy in Berlin is another mystery, but anyway listen to this odd garage surf album, mostly it play in instrumental with a bunch of child vocal!

Tracklisting : Bedrock boogie / Yellow bird / Leo's twist / Autumn leaves / Walk, don't run / Hell boogie / Five foot two / My shawl / Mama's twist / Guitar boogie

Record=VG+ Cover=VG++ Label=M-


Melusine French celtic acid Folk Album


La prison d'amour Orig 1976 LP on French Polydor 2393 143 Y

Very nice and fragile French celtic acif filk mid 70s album.

Tracklisting : Les trois gens d'armes / Bourées : La Tourneboutjaire - La rude - E quan la peire / Sept ans j'ai fait la guerre / Le déserteur / Polkas : La fontenay - Polka du matihuec / Polka des tournelles / D'ou reviens-tu, mon fils Jacques? / La belle Françoise / L'autre ce jour / Bon vin - Tourdion / La belle est en prison d'amour / Les métamorphoses - 1748

Record=VG++ Cover=VG++ Label=M-


Michaële French female Acid folk psych chanson LP


Orig 1968/69? LP on French CBS S 63917

Pretty much less know later 60s female pop-sike album, feat as backing : Jean Claudric - Jacques Denjean, the sleeve is superbe condition with his laminated gatefold cover.

Tracklisting : Je t'aime / Ne m'attends pas / Un matin d'été / Pour un adieu / Comme un oiseau blesse / Un orage en plein été / Comment existe-t-il des guerres / Le palmier et l'ouvier / Quand nous étions des enfants / J'attends encore / Et si cela n'était pas vrai / Ballade pour Joachim

Record=VG++ Cover=M- Label=M-


Michaels Lee Bliues rock cool Organ LP


Orig 1970 LP on German A&M

Classic Heavy progressive blues rock with some great organ moments.

Tracklisting : Tell me how do you feel / (Don't want no) woman / My friends / Prosty's / Think I'll go back / Stormy Monday / Who could want more / Want my baby / Heighty hi

Record=EX Cover=EX- Label=VG++/M-


Gerd Michaelis Chor East German female Prog funk Jazz LP


Original 1974 LP issue on East German Amiga Label.

Very cool Female group, this is their 1st LP and play in uncommon progressive Psychedelic and groovy fuzzy sound but some jazzy moments too!!

Tracklisting : Dieses jahr / Eine rose für den tag / Wenn die träume reisen / Isabell / Wind und ein rotes band im haar / So woll'n wir leben / Der romantische mond / Blumen auf reisen / Das haus / Es bleibt die sonne / Aber du hast eine heimat / Was einmal war

Record=EX Cover=EX- Label=M-


Michel & Monique Stunning French duet Acid folk percu LP


Mirabeau Mirabelle Orig 1969? LP on French Deesse DDLX 17

This copy is signed by the duet on the back.

Tracklisting : Santa Maria Delgo / Les Effarés / Les Sept Îles / Notre Vache Enragée / Le Doux Caboulot / Il Pleure Dans Mon Cœur / Les Poupées Oubliées / Les Mains / Le Chanteur Des Rues / Mirabeau Mirabelle / Sacré Printemps / Aux Bidonvilles De Nanterre

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-


Miladys (Les) French Quebec girl group Pop sike beat Jazzy LP


Orig 196? LP on Canadian DSP 16007

Beautiful Quebec girl group, rare 1st press!!

Traclisting : Jazz a gogo / Un enfant / C'est bon la vie / Le happening / Avec toi je vivrais ma vie / Trois p'tits vagagonds / Un autographe / Guantanamera / A cause de toi / Donne-moi ton amour / Garçon manqué / Sugar town

Record=VG+ Cover=EX- Label=M-



Mille Paul Great French instru funk Psych Fuzz Italy LP


The sound of Orig 1973 LP on Italian Decca

Tracklisting : Britain / Bell around the neck / Under the M… / Together again (of course) / A trip to Nevada / Golden tomatoes / Wmas in Sierra Leone / Le "Pah poom" / East California / She likes coconuts / Return to amazony / Hollywood nostalgie

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-



Mirouze J.P French Soundtrack LP LSD Latin Psych !!!


OST "Attention" Orig early 70s LP on French Barclay

Aka J.P Sabar, French headmaster from Soundtrack well known for his "Sexopolis" in the "Marriage collectif" & also in many Gainsbourg sessions. On this album you will hear "Les jardins artificiels" it is a great Latin Psychedelic folk filler, a fine French vocal drug song, feat on this LP: Claude Righi, Dominique Blanc-Francard, Patrick Beauvarlet, Germinal le dantec & Gabriel Yared... Incl an insert with a big picture of a Psych drawing done by Druillet (comics).

Record=EX- Gatefold Cover=EX Label=M-


Mitchell Eddy Rarest LP Freakbeat Soul Mod dancer


7 colts pour Schmoll Orig 1969? LP on French Barclay 80 37

His best album by fare essentiel French R&B Soul Mod dancer album!!

Tracklisting: 13 filles / Be bop a Lula / Sunny / Quelqu'un à du changer la serrure de ma porte / Elle me voit beau / Bye bye love / Le fou sur la colline / Quitte à tout perdre / Only you / Tighten up / Ordonne et pardonne

Record=EX- Cover=EX- Label=EX- (promo stamp)


Modern soul band GDR Funk Soul Break B-Boy LP


Original 1976 LP on East German Amiga

Fab Funk break album, 1st and best LP. Feat in the lineup Klaus Nowodworski. This album was a live recording, normally I really don't like live cause too mush bad quality, but this one is the real exception, great dynamic sound, loud and clean !! Must have!

Tracklisting : He, mann / Schlafen geh'n / 5 nach halb 7 / Autobiografie / Irrtum / Himmel und hölle / Hallo, Carlos / Nochmal klein sein / Verlier nie die eig'ne fantasie

Record=EX- Cover=EX- Label=M-


Montana band Latin funk rock psych instru LP


Orig 1970? LP on French Musidisc 30 CV 1194

Classic Groove latin rock album.

Tracklisting : Waiting / Evil ways / Shades of time / Savador / Jin-go-lo-ba / Persuasion / Treat / You just don't care / Soul sacrifice

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-


Mores Roger Holy Grail Belgium Soundtrack LP B-Boy


OST "Cash-cash" Orig 1967 LP on Belgium Vogue CLPVB 005

Monster Belgium only Movie soundtrack album, really tuff to find, only got once before and was a vg conition here is a real Ex copy and its an essential B-boy break freakbeat Mod album.. dont sleep..

Tracklisting : Dancing / Wild horse / A cool sun / The gang / The letter / Cash-cash / A cool sun / Paris by night / The chase / Aegidius / Aegidius (alto-sax) / Wild horse

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-


Move 1970 UK Heavy Blues Psych glam


Looking on Orig 1970 LP on German Ariola

Last album but still a great one, play quite heavy with Psych and proto glam sound ! No need to say if you're looking for the British pressing you will just loose your money !

Tracklisting : Looking on / Turkish tram conductor blues / What? / When Alice comes back to the farm / Open up said the world at the door / Brontosaurus / Feel too good

Record=EX+ Cover=EX Label=M- Insert poster=M-


Mr.Frog French Electro experimental Prog Psych US Only Perfect Sealed stock copy!


Orig 1973 LP on US Bearsville label.

Sample 1 - Sample 2 & Sample 3

French artist, did only one single in his own country and that album as exclusive US issue, feat some weardo electro time, some vocal in English with some instrumentals, the audio come from a copy we sold age ago and it sound probably less good that the copy we offer here since it still sealed, so totally new with his inside arty bookelet that is allways damaged, here it is as it was in shope..

Tracklisting : We are crazy / Champegarpaen / Takatykitakite / Suckling-pigs game / Broushneik / Amphibian chaff / We are crazy instru / Hey little lady / Monkey people / Welcome home / Relax Goliath

Record=S Cover=S


Müller Werner German library groove psych dancer break


The strip goes on Orig 1969? LP on German Decca SLK 16707-P

Very good German groove sike album, unfortuanately not the best condition, but still play quite fine.

Tracklisting : Bobybuilding / Too darn hot / Femme femme / The Beat goes on / Je t' non plus / Engelchen / The stripper / Oh! Baby it's cold oustide / Satistfaction / Get up I feel like being a sex machine / Strip strap stroll / Rumba juanita

Record=VG+ Cover=VG+ Label=M-


Nato French private triple LP Happening Funk free jazz Break


Triple objet creative de consummation auditive Orig 1982 LP on French Cabana

Pretty rare double album, by this Hippy artist, some really cool moment free form spoken work, poetry and happening sound recording, some very good jazzy material with also a cool Funky number don't miss it, difficult to get in fine condition!

Sample 1 - sample 2 - sample 3 - sample 4

Record=EX Cover=VG++ Label=M-


Natschinski Thomas gruppe GDR Psych freakbeat 71


Wir über uns Original 1971 LP on East German Amiga

After Team 4 (Legendary 60's beat group from the east country), Natshinski change name's group. This is the 2nd album and the best one !!! Amazing magic track with top harmony in British style with Fuzz guitar & Organ material and top quality Drum breaks.
With Team 4 this is one of the really Best Freakbeat-Psych album !! don't miss it cause is a rare DDR (Ex East Berlin) issue !!

Tracklisting : In der vierten stunde / Luftschiff 2000 / Blues über ein kind / Kleines schlaflied / Maja / Mädchen auf der weissen bank / Wolke / Arbeitstag fängt an / Trommelbuchse / Auf dem bau

Record=EX- Cover=VG+ Label=M-


Neckare Vaclava Czech Beat pop soul 68 LP


Dobrou zpravu ja prinasim vam Orig 1968 LP on Czech Supraphon

Very tuff to get this 60s Czech album, play vocal in Beat & pop direction.

Tracklisting : Massachusetts / Svatovitsky chram / Snytuctov? / Jak se tak divam / Bylo ctvrt a bude pul / Sha-la-la-la-li / Dolej zbytek vina B side : Sobra zprava / Lady jane / Slechtici telephon 39142 / Hej, divko zla / MRS.Applebee

Record=EX- Cover=EX Label=M-


Nelson Sandy Garage soul break beat instro LP


Drums à go-go Orig mid 60s LP on German Liberty

Classic US instrumental garage soul break album. Many interesting cover versions. Listen to " Boot-leg" or the Classic Mod "You turn me on" but many more like "Clapping song" or "Can't get no satisfaction"

Record=VG++ Cover=VG++ Label=M-



Nelson Sandy Avant Psych electro - Insane experimental


Walkin' the beat ! Orig 60s LP on German Sunset

Im always gladly surprise by this musician, incl on this album "Beat from another world" pretty interesting one that we can call avant electro ?..?

Record= Cover=EX Label=M-



New Trolls Italian progressive very rare French press


Orig 197? LP on French Eurodisc 913 010 (88278)

Mega rare French press, classic Italian progressive sound, some powerful break and strong heavy groove.

Tracklisting : Night on the bare mountain / To believe again / When the grass covers the earth / The new sermon of father O'Brien / Later I saw / Hibernation

Record=EX Cover=EX- Label=M-


Nicoletta French Female Soul beat sike chanson album


Ma vie c'est un manège Orig 1967 LP on French Riviera 521.145

Nice French female soul mod chanson album. Feat a cut with Sitar sound, with a bunch of mod dancers.

Tracklisting : L'homme à la moto / Ma vie c'est un manège / Ou es-tu passé mon saint-Gerlain des prés / Les nuits sont trop courtes / En amour / Les orgues d'antan / Jeff / Quand on n'a que l'amour / Je n'pourrai jamais t'oublier / Du soleil / Lui / Le grand amour

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-


Niebiesko Czarni Rare Polish Beat Mod Soul LP


Twarze Orig later 60s LP on Polish Pronit

Rare Polish Beat Psych album incl cool BeatSoul female vocal. Pretty interesting sound, unfortunately the copy is not that fresh, but never found a clean copy actually, listen to instrumental groove the Sample 1; the female beat soul : Sample 2 & the cool Garage mod : Sample 3

Record=VG- Cover=VG- Label=VG++(stamp)



Niebiesko Czarni Killer Polish instro Garage organ fuzz


Alarm ! Original late 60s LP on Polish Pronit XL 0410

Rare Polish Freakbeat soul album, incl some vocal male/female track + some really great instrumental drum break in Blue eyed soul vibes w/fat drum break driven + cool Fuzz & organ links !! Mod DJing !

Tracklisting : I met her once / Night alarm / Holidays are over / Onder our sky / Appendix / Adagio cantabile / Boys, go back to the village / Don't knock on my door / A fire in kwasniewice / Don't tell me good-bye / Lame wojtek / The calendar knows / Tell me how you love me / You live too far away, my dear

Record=VG+ Cover=VG++Label=M-


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