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ABC + Angel vladkovic gr Russian press only - disco soul Cosmic


Orig 1982 LP on Russian Melodya

Originaly recorded in Poland in 1979 and pressed few years later for the Russian market. Suprisly you hear some English vocal track listen to the Disco fever Sample 2 the trippy psych-disco Sample 1 and the Russian cosmic Sample 3

Record=EX- Cover=VG++ Label=M-


ABC Polish-Russian goes MOD ! - Beat Soul


Orig later 70s LP on Russian Melodya

Well known Polish funk vocal formation, very hard to get as Russian press only, with a generic sleeve from Melodya company. Play some soulish cover version with a good organ sound. Russians goes Mod : Listen to the odd "Hold on I'm comin'" Sample 2 & Sample 3

Record=VG+ Label=M-


Abbé Guy de Fatto & Eclats de Joie French Xian pop-sike funky groove LP


Orig 197 ? LP on French Riviera 521.181

Xian French album feat an ultra groovy track, top wah wah break etc.. with other interesting cuts

Track listing : Si tu as une guitare / Motta souvenir / Le grand appel / Si tu savais le don / Le chapeau (when the saints) / Avec un peu d'amour / Le seigneur est roi / Interview blues / Hosannah / Prière sur la vie / Graces

Record=EX- Cover=EX Label=M-


Antolini Charly German Jazz progressive break LP


Knock out 80s issue on German Jeton Digilog

Classic German Jazz groove album based on intstrumental drum percu & break improvisations. Reissue album from the 80s, still a rare issue and out of print.

Tracklisting : Knock out / Soundcheck with Nippi / Brassbrush / Christal for Christel / Five for three / Bushfire

Record=EX- Cover=EX Label=M-



Argo group of electronic music Soviet Electro


The light Orig 1981 LP on Russian Melodiya label

Very interesting Russian electronic album. Listen to the electro-scat Sample 1 & Sample 2

Tracklisting :
Pasaulis vis dar noksta manyje / Su tavo sypsena nebesuspeju / Ir sviesumas gi tos dienos / Afteik ir nueik / Gyvenimo sveinus prisiglaudimas / Regiu gyvybe svieciant

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-


Asahi Dutch Promo only - Drum Break Drama funk lib


The rising sun Orig early 70s LP on Dutch Waterland

Nice Dutch album, done to promote Pentax camera, play instrumental with drama funk library sound, and Killer Drum break ! Listen to the great breaky "Communication" or the suspence "This heart" and "Return of the viking princess"

Record=EX Gatefold Cover=EX-(name inside) Label=M-


Ashantis Polish issue Afro Soul funk vocal break dancer


Disco play Orig 70s LP on Polish Muza Label.

Brilliant Afro funk business album, play Soul dancer and Funk with some good Percu and drum.

Tracklisting :Safari / Disco play / Happy sound / Hey you! / Everybody / Long journey / Woman / A.S.H.A.N.T.I.S / Mama's daughter / Honey baby

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-


Atking Ted Rare French library groove album


Pop music for dancing Orig 1971 LP on French Concert Hall SPS 1311

Classic and fantastic instrumental groove dancer album, pretty rare under Concert Hall label!

Tracklisting : Business is business / Summer song / Yellow trawway / Land of marlène / Sunset / I feel warm / The man from nowhere / Game trap / New deal / I dream of you / A sunny day / Business day / Teenager's house

Record=EX Cover=EX- Label=M-

Aura Romanian Female Jazz groove Latin scat album


Once I loved Orig late 70s? LP on Romanian Electrocord

Probably the best female jazz voice from Romany, superbe jazz album, incl the monster huge scat-percu "Wave " but the all album is a plesure listing, listen " I will know" or "Dawn in Brasil", the copy is very clean only one little scach on A1, very rare East Euro groove album.

Record=EX- Cover=EX Label=M-



Azam Bob et son orchestra French Latin vocal groove chanson album


Toutes une époque Orig 1968 LP on French Barclay

Long time no see this wonderful French vocal Jazz chanson, very moody and groovy time, a very fave home play, with the voice of Bob wish sound very close to the well recognized Henry Salavador. Orig copy!

Tracklisting : Chez moi / Mimosette / Vous qui passez sans me voir / C'est une petite étoile / Je n'en connais pas la fin / Ah ! c'qu'on s'aimait / Il pleut sur la route / Tea for tow / Reviens / Clopin clopant / Un jour tu verras / Arrêter les aiguilles

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-


Azikri Aliza Israel Female vocal Jazz oriental pop LP


With Aris San and his orchestra Orig 1967? LP on Israelian CBS

Very nice Oriental female Jazz folk album. Very nice latin and oriental vibes!

Tracklisting : What a girl / Said the father to the son / If there is love / Come to me / Mandolino / Fatima / You say there's love / There are things to forget / Birds / Giousellim aman / Twilight / Life goes on

Record=VG+ Cover=EX- Label=EX


Banerjee Nikhil East German only -Indian sitar


Banerjee Nikhil Master of the sitar Original 1986 LP issue on East German Amiga

Classic Indian Sitar ragga, very rare in East German issue !!

Listen to the Sample

Ratan Mukherjee = Sitar - Anindo Chatterjee = Tabla
Tracklisting: Raga nat-bhairab / Tabla-solo / Baul melody

Record=EX+ Cover=EX Label=M-


Banfi Baffo Italian cosmic minimal electro - K.Schulze prod


Ma dolce vita Orig 197? On German Innovative communication

Italian Cosmic synthé intrumental sound, rare German issue, with produced by Klaus Schulze

Sample 1 - sample 2 -sample 3 - sample 4

Tracklisting : Oye cosmo va / Quelle dolce estate sul pianeta venere / Vino, donne e una tastiera / Astralunato / Fantasia di un pianeta sconosciuto
Record=EX- Cover=EX Label=M-


Baron French Holy grail Groovy psych funk album NM!


La formule du baron Orig 1969? LP on French CBS S-64401

Holy grail French psychedelic groove funk album by the head-master Barnard Estardy

Tracklisting : Sister Charlotte Abbaye / Monsieur Dutour / Cha tatch ka / Ala mia thra / Autoscopie / La gigouille / Le pain, le vin / La valse du vepar / Les lahoutes / Meut's boogie / De temps en temps / Bave a roi

Record=EX+ Cover=M- Label=M-


Beauvarlet Back in stock Mega rare french progressive psych funk LP


Quelle belle soirée... Orig 1976 LP on French CBS

Finally I put my hand on a clean copy to offer you, here is a very rare mid 70s French album, feat great lyrics, trippy effects, electro like, echoes, reverb, delay etc.. with some funky vibes; on youtube you only can listen one track, me I put more, cause you need to know this very interesting artist-poet one of the most interesting belong Brigitte Fontaine, Bernard Chabert , or Dashiell Hedayat… after this LP he did a last one and he kill himself.. Essential French 70s album!!

Tracklisting : Carriole / Saint-Eloi / Raleur / La comptine / Satanas / Juste pour voir / Que faire / Les pythons / Boujours / Alors là

Record=EX Cover=EX- Label=M-


Benito Gonzales Latin Sound UK Lib Ez Jazz funk


Programme production N° 7 Orig early 70s LP on UK Berry Music BMPPS 1007A

Rare UK Library, play happy thema in ez style with vibaphone & flute work on most of the tracks, play with latin touch.

Sample 1 , Sample 2 & Sample 3

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-


Bergendy Hungarian Crazy Break Prog Psych


Original early 70s Hungarian LP on Pepita

Well known Hungarian group, here is there very best LP, some very cool Progressive psych pop track w/great groovy sound, incl one real Drum break monster in Top Funk Psych sound mover !!

Tracklisting :Te is jarsz néha / Részeg hajnalok / Ismeretlen ember / Hétköznapi balladak / Skot dudas / Jöjj vissza vandor / Jelszo : love Szeret! / Bucsuzom töletek, cimborak / Papirsarkany / Zöld pokol / Messze van még a végallomas

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-


Black blood Afro funk break


Chicano Orig 1975 LP on French Biram

Classic Afro disco funk break Lp Listeb to the Sample 1 Sample 2 & Sample 3

Record=EX- Cover=EX Label=M-


Blum Hans and his music Great German scat groove lib style album


Sound of my life Orig 1969? LP on German Hansa

Wonderful German exploit scat groove album, sound pretty much like a great library indeed!

Tracklisting : Venezuela / Fairy tale / Ja, ich lieb'dich / Waiting for the girls / In the middle of the road / Sommerregen / Roovie dum dum / Lazy summer / Swinging bells / Blue champagne / Carribean sunset / In Versailles

Record=EX Cover=EX+ Label=M-


Bonal Jean & Jean Musy French library LP Organ jazz funk


Music for dreaming N°01 Orig 196? LP on French Concert Hall SVS 2733

Tracklisting : Que reste-t-il de nos amours / Un jour un enfant / Pluie d'étoiles / Les feuilles mortes / Love story / Les moulins de mon Coeur / Summertime / Sweetheart /Concerto pour une voix / Loverman / All the things you are

Record=EX- Cover=EX Label=M-



Bonaz Fernand Rare French Jerk Mod dancer Fuzz LP


Orig 1968? LP on French National Records 16166

Obscure and still less known French artist, did some nice private singles/Eps here is his rare album with some amazing jerk chanson dancer tracks, catchy brass with some hot Fuzz links, ultra groovy and irresistible!

Tracklisting : Pas facile / Qu'est-ce qui ne va pas / La… / Si tu veux partir avec moi / Que faut-il faire? / Vivre dans l'espoir / Tout le long de la mer / Hélène / Matin / Au premier coup de poing / Le riff / C'est pour toi / Eh ! L'ami / Pour avoir…

Record=VG++ Cover=EX Label=M-



Breakout Polish Prog Funk Break 70s


ZOL Orig early 70s LP on Polish Muza

Brilliant progressive funk album ! Most others seller are allways proposing the LP before called NOL, but never this one maybe its cause is a bit more progish with guitar, but in Ubupopland we have no problems with guitar, you know it. Incl several good breaks Male and Female vocal in Polish.

Listen to the Sample 1 Sample 2 and Sample 3

Record=EX Cover=EX- Label=EX


British Lion orch OST - Classic UK Psych Organ groove


OST "Girl on a motorcycle" Orig 60s LP on US Tetragrammaton records

Classic Soundtrack album, from the Little movie feat.Marianne Faithfull! Play mostly instrumental with sound effects brassy organ w/psychedelic tounch. Sample 1 - Sample 2 & Sample 3

Record=VG++ Cover=VG++ Label=M-


Brom Gustave Czech Brass Break Break


Plays for you Pop Jazz and swing Orig70s LP on Czech Opus

Brilliant Instrumental Jazz Funk . Incl fantastic Latin Drum break open loop. Must have !!!

Tracklisting : Calling up the rain / If only / Hotel / Dingo / Sumer song / Uncles / Last journey / Occasional blues / Ruby / All ways lead to you

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-


Gustave Brom Rare Czech Jazz LP 63


Jazz and dance music workshop Orig 1963 LP on Czech Supraphon

Very rare early 60s Czech album, Brom was this pioneer Jazz man in Czechy.
Rare issue with a superbe gatefold cover incl 5 pages with texte and great B&W pictures.

Tracklisting : Little lizard / Wonderland by night / In the shade of the old apple tree / Love letter / Sweet Georgia Brown / Tennessee-waltz / Let's more cha-cha / Budapest / Rat race / My ballad / I'm looking over a four leaf clover / Weary blues / Moment / A foggy morning / Goblin's holiday

Record=EX- Cover=EX- Label=M-


Brunke W. Monster Kraut funk psych drum break LP


Jubel trubel heiserkeit Original early 70s LP issue on Bayer

Monster groove break album, inclu some Latin Funk instrumentals with amazing drum break work !! Still quite less known, but to me is an essential German Psych funk album, some amazing drum break with a superb Jazzy psych touch, this album was not in record shop but give to promote pharmacology, come in perfect condition, very laminated and shiny gatefold cover!

Track listing : Can't buy me love / E.Colitron alpha / Direct action / I want to hold your hand / Security in your veins / Groovy amplicillina / Yesterday / Toxicology-choco baby / Prolntantibus / Yellow submarine / Tree times a day / Stop your fever / Ob-la-di / Broad spectrum sunrise

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-

Caldi Dany French Library Psych Funk Fuzz break LP


Week-end party N°1 Orig 1968? LP on French National Records 16.126

Mega rare an still not very known this French exploito album, feat some brilliant instrumental psych funk!!

Tracklisting : Showdown / Trouble spot / Little zab / El maracas / Viva quatro / Bossa-nova scotia / Last train to tampico / Pedro smith / Down the road apiece / Mextet / Two plus two / Furlought for two

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-

Carder Half / David Ordini German Europhon Psych Funk


Wild action Original 1972 German LP e on Euro Phon label

Wild action = Drama funk track mid-fast tempo on really weird trippy sound like crazy Fuzz and syncopated organ section; the Fuzz sound like the good track from the Legendary Vampiros lesbos. The rest of the album are less top as this one but still lot of breaks and loop, and beautifulll easy bossa with pop brass orchestra sounds !! Listen to it!

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-


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