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On this page we propose you to hear some Mixes from underground DJs, all tracks you'll hear come from original vinyl records, singles or LPs, unknow or in demand, rare or not at all! Play now the finest 60s 70s Club sound!

All our mixes are less or more than an hour, so please, wait at least 2 to 5 mn to download it

New! Very proud to present the fresh new DJmix of Freak-Caros, no bad cut on this one, its pure stuff babe, so be careful, no rush it can make you too many links in your brain at once.

New musical direction, we propose you to listen that French Parisian Maestro : DJ Lionel, fantastic blue eyed soul mix with 45mn of pure human feelings with deep and emotional dancefloor singles selection!!

Listen to the new mix of Freak-Carlos, focus on Italian music, you will get high and see visions of multicolored flowers magical gardens.. and more!!!!!


"Wild 50s and early 60s Rock 'N Roll meets 70s Glitter Rock! (OK, I might stray a little bit...) Recorded LIVE from all original 45s during a wild dance party! There are a few skips and pops from people banging into the booth, me banging into the booth, etc..... So I would recommend having a few drinks, grabbing a partner and TURNING THIS UP LOUD!!!! -Josh Styles"

Ultimo flower power set by Florian from Munich. An other happy side of hallucinogenic dance floor, with new tracks never heard before. Listen to his new colorful effort, followed by his first contribution posted on Ubupopland 2 years ago! A big thanks to Flo!
Mix by Dishie, from England. DJing at & helping to promote "Double Sight", a weekender being organised by Holly & Sarah from "Eyes Wide Open Club" in Glasgow. Listen now to this very fine mental-high club sound selection. Rare feeling! Nice choice of hits but not only...
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Mix by Sebastian F Sorrow, from Sweden. A great mix of westcoast psychedelic folk and eastern vibes by Sebastian F Sorrow, 22 years old and living in Gothenburg. He let us know that he will start and co-run the night "Underground Vibrations" in Gothenburg this december 2010. Have a listen to his amazing mix...what we could say than a big bravo!
Mix by Oscar , from Sweden. Djing since the age of 15 with beat, garage & psych records, Oscar is also record seller and record finder, and made his very fresh psychedelic compilation called "owski-urites", just out in February 2010. Listen to his DJ mix now, with lot of UK tracks, mostly european. We wish him good luck for his next musical investigations!

Mix by Jason Pandora , from Los Angeles. Hear to his very up to mid Heavy Freakbeat Sike mix, done with original & rare singles only! Mostly european tracks with lot of phasing effects and cool breaks. Jason is up and has a flying saucer! Let's get stone and fly with him darling .... 46mn of crazyness..

Mix by Konrad - Orig from Frankfurt, leading the radio programme "Radio X Beatniks" for more than 10 years + 2 regular partys : Moonshake & New underground. Listen to his brilliant Psych mix, (Done exclusively with original singles) mostly obscure and uncompiled. (Hey Konrad are you sure Slumberland is close to Quebec ? ) 1 hour of dream ...

Mix by Fabrice Defeo - around 40mn of music that I like some freakbeat progressive Psych and glamish with singles from Spain, Germany, US & france..

Mix by Fabrice Defeo - i know with this one some people will not like it at all, but some other who are to tired to dance and too mind busy to sleep will probably appreciate. 46mn of free form sound done from albums mostly..

Mix byFreak-Carlos (La Discotheque psychedelique / Italy)- more than one hour of delicious psychedelia from all over the world, full of effects and always in the right drumline, a jewel !

Mix by Thomas (Paisley Club/ Germany)- super cool psychedelic dance floor with mod attitude, mixed from US & UK singles!

Mix by Potter (Cannapot/ Ile de la Reunion / Austria)- 2h13mn of cool funky soul mix with fuzzy and heavy touch, black & white reunified, mid to up tempo, we'll call it on ubupopland : funkadelic !

Mix by Ben Jones (Hip cat club, Hamburg, Germany)- tripping into sunshine pscyhedelia Acid head mix
Mix by Ben Jones(Hip cat club, Hamburg, Germany)- fly translove airways - progressive club psych mix
Mix by Ben Jones(Hip cat club, Hamburg, Germany)- let me down easy - stoned chill out mix
Mix by Potter (Austria, Gratz) 111 minutes of punshy & trippy mixture of tasty Hard Psych music.
Mix By Fabrice, start with some classical breaks and groove tunes like Original popcorn and step by step turn more in Psychedelic and heavy heavy prog, 57mn music; January 08
Mix by Fabrice, with Experimental music, full Free form and Psychedelic smell; around 40mn of sounds; December 07