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70s Kraut Blues Hard-Rock

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50s/60s Latin jazz Exotica titty-Shaker

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Go-go Girl Female vocal

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Aini Sharifah Great Female Indo fragile Psych pop groove EP OST


OST "Permintann Akhir" Cintaku cintamu / Permintaan terakhir / Rahsia hati / Kepulangan ayah Orig 1974 EP on Singapore Parlophon

Music comp by Ahamad Nawab, rare Indo movie soundtrack EP, beautiful female voice on moody atmospheric orchestration back, full strings and harpsichord & accordion moments.

Record=VG++ Cover=EX- Label=M-



Aquarius selection German OST hippy Pop soul LP


Top-Hair Orig 197? LP on German Twen / Maritim

Another German Hair tribute, some cool alternative version, rare and co-published by the Hip mag Twen.

Tracklisting : Aquarius / Donna / Sodomy / Colored spade / Ain't got no / Air / I got life / Hair / Easy to be hard / Frank Mills / Hare Krishna / Where do I go / Electric blues / / What a piece of work is man / Let the sunshine i

Record=VG++ Cover=EX- Label=M-/EX


Asahi Dutch Promo only - Drum Break Drama funk lib


The rising sun Orig early 70s LP on Dutch Waterland

Nice Dutch album, done to promote Pentax camera, play instrumental with drama funk library sound, and Killer Drum break ! Listen to the great breaky "Communication" or the suspence "This heart" and "Return of the viking princess"

Record=EX Gatefold Cover=EX-(name inside) Label=M-


Bachelors Rare French picture sleeve soundtrack


OST " Macadam cowboy " Everybody's talkin' / Blaydon races Orig 1968 ? single on Disc'Az

Pretty south after French picture sleeve 45t!

Record=EX Cover=EX- Label=M-


Barry John UK TV Serie OST


OST « The persuaders » : The persuaders / The girl with the sun in her hair Orig 1971 single on German CBS

Classic UK TV serie them, much rare than the French issue!

Record=EX Cover=VG+(writing on back) Label=M-


Bolling Claude Rare French OST EP


OST TV "Claude Bolling spécial show" : Back to swing / Bulles de savon / Tranquillement Orig 196? EP on French Philips 432.562 BE

Really south-after Bolling's soundtrack EP, comes in stunning condition ..

Record=EX Cover=M- Label=M-


Bolling Claude French OST - Japan only 7"


OST "Vivre la nuit" Vivre la nuit / Voici le jour Orig 1968 single on Japan Philips

Japan issue for this French Soundtrack, no French single came out with sleeve, so here is an exclusive pic, feat a touching balade "Voici le jour" with the beautiful voice of Danielle Licari Female vocal on the Night-clubing thema.

Record=EX+ Cover=M- Label=M-


Bolling Claude OST Movie Soundtrack French Hammond Organ instro


OST "Doucement les basses" Orig 1968 Single on French Disc' AZ

Brilliant 60s instrumental funk w/Top Hammond organ work, w/quality drum ! Rare!

Record=EX- Cover=EX Label=M-



Böttcher Martin German Movie Soundtrack French Press


OST "La Journaliste" : Marrianne's Melody / Moonlight Guitar Orig 1972 single on French Telefunken 2C006.93.884

German cinematic lounge music, out as the very rare French picture sleeve in stunning condition!

Record=M- Cover=M- Label=M-


Böttcher Martin orch German soundtrack 7"


"Das wunder der liebe" Wonderland of love / Ein shöner tag Orig 1969? Single on German Telefunken

Rare German movie soundtrack single, come with a promo white label.

Record=EX+ Cover=EX- Label=M-



Böttcher Martin orch German erotico OST latin scat


OST "Bengelchen" Ende / Bengelchen Orig 1969? Single on German Ariola

Funny answer to the well famous Engelchen movie, rare German erotico soft porn soundtrack single.

Record=EX- Cover=EX-(stamp on back) Label=M-



British Lion orch OST - Classic UK Psych Organ groove


OST "Girl on a motorcycle" Orig 60s LP on US Tetragrammaton records

Classic Soundtrack album, from the Little movie feat.Marianne Faithfull! Play mostly instrumental with sound effects brassy organ w/psychedelic tounch. Sample 1 - Sample 2 & Sample 3

Record=VG++ Cover=VG++ Label=M-


Brunke W. Monster Kraut funk psych drum break LP


Jubel trubel heiserkeit Original early 70s LP issue on Bayer

Monster groove break album, inclu some Latin Funk instrumentals with amazing drum break work !! Still quite less known, but to me is an essential German Psych funk album, some amazing drum break with a superb Jazzy psych touch, this album was not in record shop but give to promote pharmacology, come in perfect condition, very laminated and shiny gatefold cover!

Track listing : Can't buy me love / E.Colitron alpha / Direct action / I want to hold your hand / Security in your veins / Groovy amplicillina / Yesterday / Toxicology-choco baby / Prolntantibus / Yellow submarine / Tree times a day / Stop your fever / Ob-la-di / Broad spectrum sunrise

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-


Burman S.D. Indian bollywood soundtrack EP


OST "Sharmilee" Khile hain gul yahan / O meri shatmilee / Aaj madhosh hua jaye / Reshmi ujala hai Orig 1971 EP on Indian Odeon EMOE 2063

Record=VG Cover=EX- Label=M-


Burman S.D. Indian bollywood soundtrack EP


OST "Naya zamana" : Choron ko sare nazar aate hai chor / Naya zamana aayega / Duniya o duniya / Kishore kumar o champa o chameli Orig 1971 EP on Indian Odeon EMOE.2037

Record=VG Cover=VG- Label=VG++(Sticker)/M-


Carlos Roberto Brasilian OST Freakbeat Fuzz groover


OST "Ritmo de aventura" Orig 1971 LP on Brasilian CBS

Very rare Brasilian 60s soundtrack, orgi recording in 67, published 71. Listen to the following audio, it contain really Fuzzy track in freakbeat touch. Sample 1 Sample 2 & Sample 3

Record=EX Cover=VG++ Label=M-



Cates George Rare French 50s/60s OST EP


OST "Bonjour tristesse" : Cécile / You can say that again / Valley of the redwoods / Show me Orig 195? EP on French Coral ECV.111

Feat the beautiful Jean seberg in the picture sleeve from Otto Preminger movie, very fine condition copy!

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=EX-(noc)

Cépa G + J-M Novrénon French Beat 66 - Les problèmes?


Inventaire gaulois Orig 1966 EP on French Vogue

Probably " Les Problemes/Charlots " are playing on that track, listen to this nice Beat track with cool organ sound.

Record=VG+ Cover=VG+ Label=M-


Chacos (Los) French Latin Folk rare JBP OST EP


OST "La poupée " Chanson de Llora Moren / Theme du gallito / Chant pour coral / La mort du colonel Orig 1971 ? EP on French JBP

Totally unknown to me this Theater soundtrack EP, quite interesting ethno folk music with some acid vibes, male and female vocal in French and Spanish, come in very fine condition with jis ultra gorgeous art sleeve design!!

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-



Charlots (Les) French freakbeat demented nut lp


Au pays des pesetas... et d'autres aventures Orig 1973 LP on French Vogue

French Freakbeat dummy songs albums, from various movie.

Tracklisting : Au pays des pesetas / J'ai oublé bon bouchoir / Gros bébé / Aspirine tango / Les plaies-bois / Histoire drole / L'allumeuse de vrais berbers / Il était une fois dans le sud / Rock à la Marie / Je m'énerve / La java des chaussettes à clous / Au pas cadence /

Record=VG++ Cover=EX Label=M-


Charlots French soundtrack Vocal Funk


OST “Bons baisers de Hong Kong” From Hong Kong with love Orig 1976 single on Vogue

Classic French OST, play a cool Funk version with English vocal by Rinaldi (ex problemes).

Record=EX Label=M-


Chevalier Christian French OST soundrack LP 10"


OST "Deux hommes dans Manhattan" Orig 1959? LP 10" on French Columbia F.P.1126 S

Tracklisting : (strangely there is no tittles details on label or back sleeve, 5 tracks on A side and 4 on the flip)

Record=EX Cover=M- Label=M-


Cocciante Richard Killer Italian Freakbeat prog break


OST " Roma bene " Down memory lane / Rhythm Orig 1971 single on Italian Delta

Fantastic progressive Psych dancer, often played, and always working on the dancefloor. Here is the superior Italian Issue with his different picture sleeve in fine condition, the vinyl has some hair line but doesn't affect the sound as you can control on the audio took from the copy in offer.

Record=VG+ Cover=M- Label=M-

Colombier Michel French Promo only OST Jazz Funk prog Scat


OST " Surfaris " Surfaris thema 1 / Surfaris thema 2 Orig 1974 single on French Promo France

A very rare Promo only soundtrack single incle a superb Funky instro with Male/Female scat vocal, 2 variations on the same thema, A side play with Acid guitar and the flip is more organ jazz funk oriented.

Record=EX- Label=M-


Conti Bill Movie Soundtrack album Groove cinematic Jazz


OST "An unmarried woman" Orig 1978 LP on French 20th Century fox STEC 279

Tracklisting : Packing Up / An Unmarried Woman (Instrumental) / Ice Skating / In Bed With Charlie /I'm Getting Married /An Unmarried Woman / Martin's Decision / Chase Me / Loft Party / Erica Leaves Saul

Record=VG++ Cover=EX Label=M-/EX-


Last update : Jan 2023