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50s/60s Latin jazz Exotica titty-Shaker

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Lakomy Insane Progressive Soul Psych Dancer


Orig 1973 LP on East German Amiga.

"Jede Blume blüht nur einmal auf" = Monster Progressive Funk mover with crazy syncopated Hammond Organ working + Top German female bach magic chorus + High quality percu and Drum break + guitar Rhytmic, inclu some Scat sections !! Highly recommended for all underground Prog-Funk DJs !!!!!

Tracklisting : Es war doch nicht das erste mal / Wenn du liebst / Du, ich hab dich noch lieb / Liebe kann alles sein / Hätte ich gewusst / Und ich geh in den tag / Heute bin ich allein / Jede Blume blüht nur einemal auf / Wenn du gehst / Reiterlied / Abends beim konzert

Record=EX+ Cover=EX Label=M-


Lard free French Kraut Jazz prog Electro LP


Orig 1973 LP on French Vamp VP 59500

Very good French electro Progressive album, very cosmic with glamish attitudes.

Sample 1 - sample 2 - sample 3

Tracklisting : Warinobaril / 13 ou 13 Juillet que je sais d'ellle / Honfleur ecarlate / Acide framboise / Livarot respiration / Culturez-vous vous-même

Record=VG++ Cover=VG+ Label=M-


Lavilliers Bernard French progressive funk latin psych LP


Le stephanois Orig 1975 LP on French Motors

Feat Karl-Heinz Schafer. With "..le billet banque" hight light of the album, ultra groovy progressive psych vocal, wish remind a bit of the Gainsgourg/Vannier work.

Tracklisting : Les aventures extraordinaires d'un billet de banque / Le buffet de la gare de Metz / C.I.A. / La vérité / Balthazar / La grande marée / San Salvador / Les antimémoires / Saint-Etienne / La samba / L'Espagne

Record=VG++ Cover=EX Label=M-


Lebisol Rare Ex -Yugaslavian Hard rock Progressive


Rucivi rad Original 1979 LP on Yugoslavian RTB

Very rare Ex-Yugoslavian formation from the late 70s. Play in heavy Progressive sound w/Jazzy elements Sample 1 Sample 2

Tracklisting : Kumova Slama / Put u vedro / Verni pas / Lenja pesma / Rebus / Ho gar / Rucni rad

Record=VG++ EX Cover=EX Label=M-


Lech Jacek Polish freakbeat Psych oddity LP


Orig 1970? LP on Polish Pronit SXL 1084

Feat only one good track, but what a track listen to "Milosc niekochana"

Record=VG Cover=VG++ Label=M-



Lecor Tex French Quebec Psych / Chanson LP


Le québécois Orig 1969? LP on Canadian Gamma GS 118

Feat a nice track "Salut les Hippies" This singer is more known for "pure" chanson, but here is a little number with some Sitar funny hashinsh meanings, not the worst psych song i have heard..

Record=EX Cover=VG++ Label=M-



Lee Yeh Ping Chinese Female pop soul album


Orig 1970? LP on Taiwan LFLP

Fine Chinese Female pop soul exotica vocal groove album!

Track 1 - Track 2 - Track 3 - Track 4

Record=VG++ Cover=EX- Label=M-



Leme grupo Brazil Psych groove LP


Fête Brésilienne Orig 197? LP on French JRN Création

Beautiful tropicalia album, orig from Brazil, very rare French press, very close to Private, on side is full lysergic and trippy sound, and the other is more normal latin samba. Give it a try, comes with an amazing art design sleeve!

Tracklisting : Festa do aracati / Barcos de Bahia / Zum-zum / Una noite no Corcovado / Sambas cariocas / Una tarde em ipanema / Capoiecas de recife

Record=EX- Cover=EX-(ring wear on the back) Label=M-


Lienhard Pepe sextet Swiss Prog Funky pop LP 73


Happy people Orig 1973 LP on German EMI

Nice Swiss/ German progressive pop Funky album, with the fave "Happy people" ultra groovy Pop-sike groover, with some other goodies like a cover version of the classic 70s soundtrack "Dollard" by Quncy Jones.

Tracklisting : Money is / Going, going, gone / You are the sunshine of my life / Happy people / Maybe I'm lost without you / There is too much attention / Lonely girl / Gloria / You and me / Lookin' for another pure love / Sheila baby

Record=EX+ Cover=EX- Label=M-


Line et Willy Signed copy! French Yéyé duet pop chanson LP


Orig 1966? LP on French Disc'Az LP STEC 40

Signed on the back by the duet! Arr by Michel Colombier & Alain Goraguer.

Tracklisting : A chacun sa chanson / Petite chronique de l'an 1483 / Le bonheur / C'est arrivé Lundi / De l'automne à l'automne / Tout l'or du monde / On se ressemble / L'enfance / Demain, il y aura demain / Les desperados / Le monde est fantastique / Nous on s'aime

Record=EX-Cover=EX- Label=M-


Locomotive GT Hungarian Prog break Organ LP


Egy dal azokert, akik nincsenek itt Orig 1973 LP on Hungarian Pepita

Shamely underestimated progressive rock album from Hungary, I know LGT did many albums and when you put it on the turntable except a great drummer the compo are often less powerful, but please take few minutes to listen to this one, cz it's probably their best album, real good guitar sound and interesting progrock compo, syncopated drum Keys, Organ vibra, various trippy effects!

Tracklisting : Egy dal azokert, akik nincsenek itt / Napba öltözött lany / A köteltancos alma / A tengelykezü felember / Hej, en szolok hozzad / Ezüst nyar / ordito arcok / Sose mondo a mamanak / Nem nekem valo / Royal blues

Record=M- Cover=EX Label=M-


Locomotiv GT Hungarian progressive rock break


Ringasd el ma gad Original early 70's LP on Hungarian Pepita

Well Known Hungarian Funk-Rock group. did this very nice Progressive-Rock album, contain some very cool drum work + Groovy organ section w/heavy guitar times, with Moogy moments.

Tracklisting : Cirkusz / A szerelem börtönében szerenad / A semi kertje / Lincoln fesztival blues / Ne szedits / Kakukkos karora / Kotta nelkul / Azt hittem / Megvarlak ma delben / Ringasd el magad

Record=EX Cover=EX+ Label=M-


Locomotiv GT English voc - Czech issue


Motor city rock Original 1976 Czech LP issue on Supraphon

Well known Hungarian group, did this very cool mid 70s LP in English vocs.
Play a cool Progressive / rock & sound with Jazzy elements but Hendrix touch too!

Tracklisting : Rock yourself away / Blue woman / Serenade to my love (if I had one) / Endless rain / I love you, frisco / Hammer-handed half man / Lady of the night / Motor city love

Record=EX Cover=EX- Label=M-



London Beats (The) Polish pioneer Beat garage


Orig mid 60s LP on Polish Pronit

Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3

Very difficult Polish beat album !

Tracklisting : Come back silly girl / Bring it home to me / Walk on by / Stick with me baby / Green onions / I only want to be with you / Round and round / Game of love / Kansas city / Save the last dance for me / It’s in her kiss / Mabey baby / She said yeah / Peonut butter / Dance on / Hey baby / It’s alright / Why do you treat me like you do

Record=EX Cover=EX- Label=M-


Lords The Tobacco Road German cover / Garage


Original 60s LP on German MFP

German long hair beat band, play in Beat Garage surf sound, incl a very funny Tobacco road cover version in German vocal !!

Tracklisting : No one knows / Ain't she sweet / Over the rainbow / Seven daffodils / Last john / Tobacco road / Lonesome traveller / Kevin Berry / Memphis Tennessee / Sing hallelujah / Wishin' and hoppin' / Hey baby, lass den ander'n

Record=EX Cover=EX- Label=M-



Love Affair UK Hard Psych mod album


Everlastique love Original late 60s LP issue on Polish Muza

UK Freakbeat group made this great LP with Freakbeat track in top dancer quality + Northern blue eyed soul and some more Heavy tracks toO !!! "Hush"= Killer Mod freakbeat dancer w/Fuzz links !!!!

Track listing: Everlasting love / Hush / 60 minutes (of your love) / Could I be dreaming / First cut is the deepest / So sorry / A day without love / Tobacco road / The tree / Hanbags & gladrags / Build on love / Please stay

Record=VG++ Cover=VG++ Label=M-


Machiavel Prog Rock Symphonic electro LP


Mechanical Moonbeams Orig 1978 LP on Belgium Harvest 4C064-23805

Belgium progressive album ,very heavy moment and some more calm trippy parts with some electro and vocoder use..

Tracklisting : Beyond The Silence / Summon Up Your Strength / Rope Dancer / Rebirth / After The Crop / Mary / The Fifth Season

Record=VG++ Cover=EX Label=M- Insert=VG+


Machin Rare French prog folk album


Rales folk Orig 1978 LP on French Sterne STE 26504

Very interesting French progressive folk album. some Celtic influences with some very electric and synthé moments. many intrumentals but some French vocal as well.

Tracklisting : Si j'étais moins phallocrate / Pour quelques centimetres de plus / Ma cabane à la cambrousse / Riez du coup / Lettre au pape / Haute-patate / Synfolknie / Ma douce amie Margot / Le réel des trois vagues / Pénitence interdites

Record=EX- Cover=VG++ Label=EX-(sticker removed)


Machin Rare French Progressive folk psych electro album


Moi, je suis un folkeux... Orig 1971? LP on French Festival FLD 668

Little French progressive Folk album with some interesting mixture sound, with ethno influences, very tasty and difficult to get as many Festival albums, fine condition copy!

Tracklisting : Les trois belles filles / Je suis allée au puits ma mère / Mamie / Moi, je suis un folkeux / La marche du roy Louis / Prélude et suite / L'automne / Suite en do mineur a votre lettre du 21 courant / Le raton bleu / Fouit, doing

Record=EX- Cover=EX Label=M-



Mâgny Colette Rare French album experimental childpotation mental disorder Signed!


Je veux chaanter Orig 1979 LP on French Le Chant du monde

Mega rare and quite ususual album directed by Colette Mâgny, childpotation from Mental hospital, some weardo chansons, experimental, and folk elements, beautifull condition copy signed by Colette inside the gatelfold cover.

Tracklisting : Y'a trop de malheurs à la télé / Zoo story / Psycho-médico-tranquillo-sécurito / Un canal de l'est / Gouzou / Via saint-dié / Ca me fait du bien / Caoutchouc-maracas / Pipi-caca story / C'est ma mère / La tristesse de Christelle / Histoire d'orage / Sifflet à coulisse / Sandy /Guimbarde-epinette / Frikasia / Baba / Ah! les sales gosses / C'est ça qu'on à dans le coco / Marie-Thérèse Leclerc / Faudrait pas faire le cirque, y'a une grand'mère en bas / L'amour, l'amour / Si je dis / Abandon

Record=EX Cover=M- Label=M-

Majority one UK Prog Psych LSD Glam - German copy


Orig 1973 LP on German Finger

Beautiful UK Progressive psychedelic glam album !! full of harmony.and trippy atmosphere.

Tracklisting : Feed back / Rainbow rocking chair / A cigarette a cup of tea / I nearly died / Look like the rain / Glass image / Because I love / Love came today / Depths of my mind / I don’t mind the rain / I see her everywhere / Roger la frite / Revelation

Record=VG++ Cover=EX- Label=M-



Makhno Sophie French swinging mademoiselle LP


Orig 1968 LP on French CBS

French female pop sike album, arr by Bernard Gerard, feat the male voice of Colin Verdier

Tracklisting : Obsession 68 / Teuf-teuf / Faut laisser son coeur / Je t'aime / L'organgerie / Du caviar et des roses / Cause toujours / Dis la fille / Plus royaliste que le pere noël / C'est au mois de janvier / Bretagne / Comme papa

Record=EX Cover=EX- Label=M-



Malo Classic 70s Latin percu album


Dos Orig 1972 LP on US Warner Bros Records BS 2652

Classic Afro funk latin album, has some trippy psychedelic moments, and fast salsa percutions sounds.

Tracklisting : Latin bugaloo / Momo tombo / Oye mama / I'm for real / Midnight thoughts / Hela

Record=EX Cover=EX- Label=M-


Man LSD UK Psych Prog Effects- French copy


Revelation Erotica Original late 60s LP on French PYE CLVXPY. 356

Classic and essential UK Psychedelic progressive album arr by the UK Master John Schroeder, w/Full tripped effects !!

Tracklisting : And in the beginning. . . / Sudden life / Empty room / Puella ! puella ! (woman ! woman !) / Love / Erotica / Blind man / And castles rise in children's eyes / Don't just stand there (come in out of the rain) / The missing pieces / The future hids its face

Record=EX- (clean copy)Cover=EX Label=M-


Manfred Mann's Earth Band UK Prog Psych electro


The Good Earth Orig 1975 LP on French Bronze 893.008

Original French press.

Tracklisting : Give Me The Good Earth / Launching Place / I'll Be Gone / Earth Hymn / Sky High / Be Not Too Hard / Earth Hymn

Record=EX- Cover=EX- Label=M-


Manset Gerard Classic French progressive symphonic LP


La mort d'Orion Orig 197? LP on French EMI / Pathé C 066.15628

Classic 2nd album, psychedelic symphonic pop album

Tracklisting : Ils / La mort d'Orion introduction / La mort d'Orion / Où l'horizon prend fin / Salomon l'hermite / Final / Vivent les hommes / Enchaînement / Paradis terrestre / Elégie funèbre

Record=EX- Cover=EX Label=M- Insert=M-


Markusfeld Alain Holy Grail French Psych Prog LP


Le Monde En Etage Orig 1970 LP on French Barclay 920 179

1st album, and his masterpiece ! Crossover Psychedelic, freakbeat and progressive music, feat Tommy Brown on the drums! Essentiel and fave French album !! Here is the tuff to find French press, very glossy and fare rarer than the Canadian one.

Tracklisting : Musique Fatidique Pour Nuages Fatigués / Dans La Glue Moyenâgeuse / Dors! Madère / La Terre Se Dévore 1 / La Terre Se Dévore 2 / Les Têtes Molles... / Actualités Spatio-Régionales

Record=VG++ close to EX- Cover=EX Label=VG++(name)/M-



Martin circus French Glam Pop Psych 60s cover version LP


N°1 USA Hits of the 60s Orig 1975 LP on French Vogue LDA.20203

Very under estimated, but some cover are really fine 70s ones!! Massive acid Fuzz material!

Tracklisting : Nana - hey hey / Monnaie monnaie / Cette fille me rend fou / Heureux tous les deux / Mais qu'est-ce que t'as / Mon 1er hold up / Ma-ry-lene / Judith soit discrete / Prends le 1er train / Un sourire / L'amie des esprits / Mets ton habit

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-



Martin circus French Glam Pop electro LP


Rock'n'roll circus Orig 1977 LP on French Vogue LDA 20 294

French Glam pop album with some very good and groovy matieral feat some moogy used.

Tracklisting : Rock'n'roll circus / Hey, disc-jockey / Roi du flipper / Tu boudes mon telephone / Comme au bon vieux temps du rock'n'roll / Les dix commandements / Planche de skate / Super fan des rois du rock'n'roll / Danse et tente ta chance / Drague party

Record=EX- Cover=M- Label=M-


Massiera J.P Cult French Odd Psych Funk LP


Maledictus Sound Orig 197? LP on French Fidsound 73.501

Tracklisting : Kriminal Theme / The Whistler / Inside My Brain / Blues Section Club /Concerto Genocide / Transfer From The Modulation/ Ams Tram Gram / Entrac Theme / Radio Pirat Program / Spidly Made In Gaulle / Jim Clark Was Driving Recklessly / Dark Sky / Crazy Circus /Art Director / Heathcliff Y Cry Your Name / Monster Cocktai

Record=VG+ to VG++ Cover=VG++ Label=M-



Matadors Great Czech Freakbeat garage Psych mod LP


Original 1968/69 LP on Czech Supraphon Label

Well known Czech Freakbeat group made this fantastic R&B Freakbeat Mod album !! Essentiel one must have !!!!

Tracklisting : Get down from the tree / I want to see you / My girl / Bad bad bird / I'm so lonesome / Extraction / Shotgun / Hate everything except of hatter / I feel so lonely / I must hope / It's all over now, baby blue / You'll be mine

Record=EX- Cover=EX- Label=M-



Mayfeld Curtis Rare orig French press Classic US Funk LP


Orig 1970 LP on French Buddah Records 940.077

Classic Hippy funk psych album, out as the French press.

Tracklisting : (Don't worry) If there is a hell below we're all gonna go / The other side of town / Wild and free / The makings of you / Miss black America / Move on up / We the people who are darker than blue / Give it up

Record=EX- Cover=EX Label=M-


McNeil David French 70s Hippy folk album


J'ai Déjà Fait Mon Arche, J'attends Les Animaux Orig 1975 LP on French Saravah SH 10057

Tracklisting : J'ai Déjà Fait Mon Arche (J'attends Les Animaux) / Rue Simon Bolivar / Honolulu Lulu / Le Professeur A Dit / The Campbells Are Coming / Apocalypso Rock / Annapurna / Papa Jouait Du Rock'N'Roll / Maxie, Madge Et Parfois Dicky Wagner

Record=EX- Cover=EX Label=M- Insert=M-


Frères Mégri (Les) Holy grail Arabic psych folk album!


Orig 1974 LP on French Sudiphone SUD 502

Monster rare Arabic psychedelic folk album, feat an incredible trippy track with powerful female back chorus, and 2 track with sitar, the LP was out on 74 but most of the recording are earlier 71 and 72. Arr by Jacques Hendrix and Eric Demarsan

Tracklisting : Sebar / Chaaltiha nar / Ya M'raya / Hey di dam dam / Heya essamra / Leili twil / El harib / Galouli ensaha

Record=VG++ Cover=EX- Label=M-


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