Reference records web site

45 Cat : Brilliant Uk web site dedicated to the UK single production, a huge data.

45rpm : British web site database & background informations on british singles.

45 tours de rock Français : French web site dedicated to the French rock history, incl a forum.

45vinylvidivici : Uge French site concentrat on French internationnal vinyl production.

Beat band book : Cool German site dedicated to the german vinyl production.

Eastalgia : Incredible database online, hudge discographie on east country production.

Encyclopédisque: French web site Francophone discographie well done with lota pictures (around 40000 references).

Funky Czech in : Done by a conoisseur. If you want to know more about the Czech jazz 60s70s history, visit this blog.

German Rock e.v : German database.

The Joco dev sextett : Incl. an East german database and the Joco dev history in German langage.

Nederbeat : Great website run by Erik Hessel, if you want to discover 60s 70S dutch music, go there, all records are listed with pictures, and audio files.

South Africa's rock lists : Precious and obscure database !

Spanish progressive rock page : Spanish records reference site.

Ugly things : More than a fanzine, the biggest mag for the beat lovers.

Wolrd of Library music : Nice bloge dedicated to the Library.

Zomare : Pretty site about Malgash music, W/pictures sleeves scans & audios!


Underground movments - Drugs - Anarchy

Debord-encore : Very good French blog concentrate in Situasionnist ideas with a great critic-eye about what happen nowaday! mostly in French but with several translations aswell!

stampamusicale : An italian website about music and underground italian magazines

Non-Fides : Anarchist zines database in French - Italien - English - Spanish

Cannapot web shop : Best web shop for a large seeds selection

Drugs projects : Everything about hallucinogene drugs, very arty & well-documented.

Dutch Provos : Nice page with the story of this 60s teen contest movement.

Transnational Republic : German political artist who work against globalisation, tired of your nationality ? Ask for your official transnational identity !


Music site & blogs about underground music

Belgian Metal history : Belgian heavy 70s rock orientation, with bands like : Carriage company, Jenghiz khan, Paul collection, Irish coffee..

Canadian 60s garage band : beautifull pic and infos about groups like Les Misérables, Lords of London, David Clayton Thomas...

Cave men beat : Italian blog for the Italo 60s beat.

Delirouse music : Glamrous Austrian site about Psychedelic Funk Acid Jazz & library - soundtrack. lot of music, rares picture sleeve and cool pop design !

France heavy-rock : If you like the French prog-rock sound, visite this cool blog, many infos about the small Frenchy glam & hard rock production (French langage)

Garage Hangover : Brilliant web site for the 60s US garage fan, lota picture label, garage band photos and mp3 to listen.

Obsolete : Fine new blog about francophone 45t, you can see the sleeve and listen to all tracks.

Patrimoine PQ : Classic site dedicate to the sub Canadian Québec music culture.

The Monks : Unmissable US band based in germany during the 60s.

Le rock Belge des années 60 - 70 : Very touching Belgium web site many cool progressive group pictures, like : Klan, Doctor down trip or the Kleptomania..french langage.

Mod Sites n' blogs

Hipocondriamods : Great Spanish blog about Mod cultur & music.

Cloud 9 : Italian Mod & Garage Site (

The New untouchables : Uk Mod site.

The Scene : German mod site.

Smart drive : Italian mod site.


DNA Groove : Web shop for Mod clothing.

Record Shopping

French Attack : A huge selection of French albums & singles for sale mostly instrumentals and rare groove.

Victor Kisswell : A old Parisian break & rare groove seller, fine soundtracks selection.

Wolfgang Vökel : German specialised in teeny samplers or reissues in vinyl.

Rock'n'records : Swedish record shop, with a huge selection of interesting 60s websites


Art sites / blogs with 60s & 70s influences

A cause du pop : French blogue run by DJ Le chiffre, dedicated to obscure movies, and Cinematic music.

Lord Dunsby illustration : British Artist from today with fine 50s & 60s influences. Posters available for sale in limited edition.

Max Galli : Italian graphic artist in the same veine as J.C.Forest (Barbarella), G.Peellaert (Pravda- Jodelle) or Guido Crepax (Valentina).

Mutant familly values : Canadian blogue dedicated to the trash & horror B-movies, his owner is a DJ!

Ubu : Uge database of rare art movies and experimental recording definitly an unbitable adress ...





Last update : May, 2013