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Last update : July 2023
Croisille Nicole French female pop sike - Soul US Label


This world Orig late 60s single on US Atlantic

Well known French Jazz soul female singer, nice US issue on Atlantic label, with Vigon it's two Soul artistes who are on that label. A side is a very interesting pop-sike vocal very acid vibes in English vocal, and the flip is a cover version of the

Record=VG++ Cover=EX


Daguerre Henry French OST Psych Funk organ guitar


OST "Travelling sur un festival" : Je sais / Travelling 1971 Saravah SH 40 110 1

French soundtrack single on collectable Saravah label. Incl one killer instrumental 60s funk-Freakbeat composed by Henri Daguerre.

Record=VG++ Cover=M- Label=M-


Dali Salvardor try to be on L.S.D - French document LP


Je suis fou de Dali Orig early 70s LP on French JPF & Carpentier Galery J.P.F Label.

A quite rare French album, produced by a French gallery and distributed only in the Art scene, here is a stock copy, no music on both sid, but some deliriouse talking as you espect Dali can do (French langage).

Record=M- Cover=M- Label=M-


De Angelis Guido & Maurizio French LP Italian Soundtrack Spy


OST " Histoire d'aimer " Orig 1977 LP on French Barclay

Italian movie soundtrack album in French issue, interesting melodic & spy instrumental, with some synthé, "Delito" is the high light from the LP, with a good rhythmic with piano driven and some groovy organ and flute links.

Tracklisting : Mister love / Il tango delle capinere / Delitto / Mister love beguine / Carillon / Incomprensione / Gino / Seduta spiritica / Mister love tango

Record=VG+ Cover=VG+ Label=M-


Delerue Georges Obscure German double LP - Private 72!


OST " Karnak temple " Orig 1972 Double LP on German Ton und light label

Ultra rare and less known in the Delerue discography, this strange Germano-Egyptian project, probably for a theater show, peplum style music with german langage spoken words. Not sure if it was a booklet, since i didn't found any traces of this double LP, privatly done. One LP is a little warp, but don't affect the play, with little hair line but nothing very bad.

Record=VG++ Cover=VG++ Label=M-


De Marsan Eric & Daniel White French TV Soundtrack LP


OST " Sébastien parmi les hommes " Orig 1971 ? LP on French Philips

Originally composed in 68 for the TV serie from the same era, talking story with background music, spoking work by Cecile Aubry.

Record=VG+ Cover=EX Label=M-


Denjean + Peter Thomas French psych soul German OST EP


Space partol Orig 1966? On French EP Polydor

Secret French cover version of the Classic Science Fiction TV serie, orig comp by the Maestro Peter Thomas, cool and groovy French soulish pop vocal version!

Record=EX+ Cover=EX+ Label=M-


De Roubaix French Holy Grail Soundtrack LP


OST "L'Homme Orchestre" Orig 1970 LP on French Phiips 6311 066

Quite impossible rare French movie soundrack, took me 30 years to source a copy no spare, sleeve is immaculate and the vinyl seams unplayed but as a very light warp more visible when you play the B side but doesn't affect at all the play probably cause was not good stored for a longtime..

Trackling : Générique / Claquettes / Répétition / Audition / Footing / Judo / Yacht / Ballet Du Rêve / Piti-Piti-Pas / Ballade Dans Rome / Mauricette's Song / Les Poupons / Les Grosses Caisses / Final

Record=EX Cover=M- Label=M-



François De Roubaix Female French soul mod Killer OST EP


OST " Les Novices " Just be cool + 3 Orig 1967 EP on French Barclay

Rare like hell EP, i have that EP in my DJ case since ages but I never be able to propose it on the site, so here it is in its splendour, one of the most desirable French soul record ever !

Record=VG++ Cover=EX- Label=M-


De Roubaix François French movie soundtrack crossover avant-electro album


Les plus belles musique de film Vol1 Orig 1976 LP on French Barclay

Essentiel French sample!

Tracklisting : Le vieux fusil / Ou est passé Tom? / Ho /Dernier domicile connu / Les Caïds / Pour un sourire / La mer est grande / Le rapace / Boulvard du rhum / Le samouraï / Le gobbo / R.A.S / Les grandes gueules / L'homme orchesrtre

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-


De Young German soundtrack single


OST "Sunshine" My sweet lady / Sunshine on my shoulders Orig 1973 single on German MCA Records

German Movie soundtrack single.

Record=EX+ Cover=EX Label=M-


Distel Sacha Mega rare French Rock'n'roll Jazz OST EP


OST " Samedi soir " Samedi soir / Thérèse / Les blousons noirs / Blues pour Daniel Orig 196 ? EP on French Versailles

Hell rare French movie soundtrack EP with 4 instrumental rock'ab pened by Sacha Distel in his beginning, come in very fine condition.

Record=VG++ Cover=EX Label=M-


Duval Franck & orchestra cosmic electro


OST « Derrick » : Sky train / Todesengel Orig 1979 single on German Telefunken

Very nice German TV Soundtack single with two Cosmic electro instrulentals.

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-


Etzel Roy German erotica movie soundtrack single


OST "Helga" Orig late 60s single on German Mondial

Little German Erotica Movie soundtrack single, play instrumental trumpet.

Record=EX- Cover=EX- Label=M-


Fame Georgie Organ Brass instro mod OST 7"


OST "The ballad of Bonnie and Clyde" : Beware of the dog Orig 1968 single on German CBS

Classic hammond organ instrumental groover.

Record=EX Cover=EX+ Label=EX-(1 letter stamp) M-


Frantz Siegfried Orch German soundtrack


OST TV "Gleichnamigen" Cliff Dexter melodie / Ciorso montuno Orig 1967? Single on German CBS

German soundtrack single from the Criminal TV serie Gleichnamigen.

Record=VG++ Cover=VG++Label=VG++(stamp)M-


Gainsbourg Rare French Movie Soundtrack EP


OST "Vidocq" : Chanson Du Forçat / Complainte De Vidocq / Vidocq Flash Back / Chanson Du Forçat 2 Orig 1967 EP on French Philips 437.290 BE

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-



Gainsbourg Serge French Movie soundtrack funk groove


Musique de films de 1960 à 1980 Orig 1984 LP on French Philips 818 357-1

Tracklisting : Sous le soleil exactement / Good bye Emmanuelle / L'eau à la bouche / Requièm pour un c... / Joe Banjo / Ballade de Johnny - Jane / Sea sex and sun / La chanson de slogan / Charlie Brown / Yesterday, yes a day / La fautive / Dieu fumeur de havanes

Record=EX- Cover=EX Label=M-


Gainsbourg + J. Birkin OST Madame Claude


OST "Madame Claude" Yesterday, yes a day / Dusty lane Ori 1977 single on French Philips

Classic French movie soundtrack single; with Jane birkin and J.B Sabard arrangements

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-


Garvarentz French OST Groovy psych


OST "Sapho" Theme principal / Sapho Orig 1969? Single on Japan Seven seas

As French issue exist only the mega rare album, no single was out in France, listen to this unusual instrumental psych groovsoundtrack, with a beautiful Japanese picture sleeve in great condition.

Record=EX Cover=EX+ Label=M-


Garvarentz Georges Rare French 60s Sountrack EP


OST "Les lions sont lâchés " Ce n'est pas just après tout / Secretly / Paris en liberté / Surimpression Orig 1961 EP on French Barclay

Very rare early 60s French movie soundtrack, arr by Raymond Lefrevre

Record=VG+ Cover=EX- Label=M-


Last update : July 2023