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Go-go Girl Female vocal

Cosmic moog Analog Electro 45/33


Last update: March 2024
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Strawberry Jam UK Freakbeat pop-sike Near Mint!


This is to a girl Orig 1968? single on French PYE Fashion

Ultra rare and desirable French picture sleeve only! UK Freakbeat pop-sike single!

Record=M- Cover=M- Label=M-


Street Ken Euro Freakbeat popsike 67!


Here today and gone tomorrow / Lie and deceive Orig 1967 single on German Palette

Little Belgian or Dutch Mod singer, both sides are well done moody Pop mod with fine arr, come on impossible rare German picture sleeve issue!!

Record=EX- Cover=EX- Label=M-


Strollers Brilliant Hong Kong Freakbeat Psych Dancer


Puppet man + 3 Orig 197? EP on Malaysian CBS

Winner Hong Kong psych soul dancer, very moody version with great organ psych linked.

Record=EX- Cover=VG++ Label=EX


Substance Obscure French prog psych Private single


Viens, sauté ce fleuve / Armes et fleurs Original 1972 single on Free-Form PPN

Mega rare and obscure French progressive formation from Nancy. Only less 500 copys ever done ! Impossible rare. Primitive sound production but the group play good, quality drum work on good tripped Prog guitar work with French Psychedelic vocal !! A fine underground single !!

Record=VG++ Cover=VG++ Label=M-


Suhaili Shamsuddin Malay Female Psych pop groove EP


Menanti bahgia menjelang / Hiba / Semalam dimalaysia / Kepedihan Orig 1973 EP on Malaysia Guo

Music by Ahmad Nawab, Beautiful female sweet psych pop soul track, very moody and sexy vocal, fully well arranged, the vinyl show a very little warp that don't affect the music at all.

Record=EX Cover=EX- Label=M-


Sullivan Rare German diff picture cover - French Freakbeat Sitar pop


Les palais de l'orient / Je chante pour moi Orig 1967 single on German Vogue

Classic French Psych beat single with nice Sitar links a la garage, come with a different picture sleeve from Germany.

Record=VG++ Cover=EX- Label= M-


Sunpower's French hippy funk groove Advertising


I've got the sun under my skin / Sunny love Orig 1974 single on French Vanaos

Advertising single for a sun cream, very cool hippy Disco funk sound with vocal and echos effects.Za

Record=VG++ Cover=M- Label=M-


Tac poum système Killer French Fuzz-rock Psych


Asmodai / Il fait bon Orig 1971 single on French TPS

Probalbly the best French heavy Prog-rock single ! Don't have to talk longtime about it listen to the sample, the Filp side is actually not that bad aswell but more soft Psych ballade.

Record=EX- Cover=VG++ Label=M-


Ted Atking and his orchestra Fab French psych jazz funk single


Violin's sound / Strange valley Orig 197? Single on French Chappell

One his early work. Well known French composer aka Jack Arel, did library work like : "Rhythm'n blues for dancing" or " Pop music for dancing" Both sides on the Library single are fantastic groove and break w/Organ acid guitar.

Record=EX+ Cover=EX+ Label=M-


Temple de Venus (Le) Obscure French toytown Psych


Plaisir solitaire / Vos mains de dame Orig 1970 single on French RCA Vicor -As de trèfle

Utra rare French pop-sike group feat. The young Laurent Voulzy, quite famous French shlagger.

Record=VG Cover=VG++ Label=M-

Terry David Syd Barett like UK Psych LSD Belgium promo


The mole and the flower / Thinking of you Orig 1969? Single on Belgium Decca

Fantastic UK Psychedelic single, a la Sid Barett, fully magic sound, and on the flip side is quite interesting too with some soulish and exotica vibes. Out only in France and Belgium, here is a mega rare Promo white label, never saw it before and close to Mint condition.

Record=M- Label=M-


Toby Jug Killer hard psych Drum break single


Breakaway man / Brotherhood Orig 1971 single on French Decca 84.004

Killer UK Funk rock single, very heavy with just the right drum work on it, out with a sleeve only in France and Spain.

Record=EX- Cover=EX Label=M-


Tomas Pilar French lolita hippy Pop sike single


Belle tourterelle / Dépèche-toi Orig 1970? single on French CBS

Very little female female singer, play a nice pop sike sound arr by Jean Claudric, beautiful picture sleeve.

Record=EX Cover=EX- Label=M-


Tony and the mule station Belgian Freakbeat phasing funk Mod


Isbergues 2 a.m / Um um um um Orig 1968? Single on French Disc'AZ

Well known Belgian Freakbeat group, here is the French picture sleeve . A side= Play in Cool Mod Blue eyed soul and the Flip is a fantastic instrumental, top organ working on Phasing effects !!

Record=EX Cover=VG+ (pen on front) Label=VG(pen)/M-


Top 6 Private French female progressive freakbeat Sike


Apprends-moi! (l'amour à contre-jour) Orig 1974 single on French Disques Charmilles

French Underground Psych group from Lille, formed by 8 teenagers, with an incredible good Femal lead vocal, play a crossover sound with Prog Psych and folkish material. Mega rare and privately done for a bunch of hundred copys.

Record=VG++ Cover=EX Label=M-


Topo D.Bil UK Progressive Psych pop groover 70


Witchi tai to / Jam Orig early 1970 single on French Motors

UK Pop-sike single, feat a cool tune, comp originaly by Peppers, I remember a version by Taiconderoga in B side, which is a bit more heavy, this one is more moody without heavy guitar, but still super cool tune, as backing band some rumours persist about Bonzo dog bd and maybe some Yes members.

Record=EX Cover= EX Label=M-


Tom et Jerry Rare French Beat sike EP


Ca fatigue l'amour / Si tu n'as pas beaucoup d'argent / Monsieur soleil / Santa Lucia Orig 1967 EP on French RCA Victor

Very rare indeed and so underestimated EP, play a tasty Oriental popsike Beat way!

Record=VG Cover=EX Label=M-


Tourreil Martine French unknown Acid Psych folk funk


Quand Il Est Entre / Mon Piano Et Moi Orig 1973 single on French Epic

Killer and still unkown French female folk psych funk from the early 70s, 1st time on ubupopland!

Record=EX- Cover=M- Label=M-


Toxic Great German Lysergic hipsters 2Siders


Waiter / If You Let Me Make Love To You Then Why Can'T I Touch You Orig1968? single on German Aronda si-as 5.024

Mega rare German psychedelic double siders, only did 2 singles both are great that one is the really tuffiest to source in good shape..

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-



Traffic UK Prog psych French pic


Empty pages / Stranger to himself Orig 1969? single on French Island Records

Classic UK prog rock, out as the French pic.

Record=EX+ Cover=M- Label=M-


Traffic UK OST Pic - Psych Soul Mod


OST "Here we go round the mulberry bush" : Coloured rain / Here we go round the mulberry bush Orig 1967 single on UK Island

Classic US Swinging London movie, both sides are great Psychedelic Mod sound.

Record=VG++ Cover=EX- Label=EX-(stamp)/M-


Triangle Great French freakbeat psych phasing


Golden screen Orig 1970 single on French EMI C 006-10415 M

2nd single and definitly the best one !! Killer phasing Freakbeat-Psych with British touch !!

Record=EX- Cover=VG Label=M-

Last update : March 2024
11 12
22 23