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70s Glam Bubble-gum

70s Kraut Blues Hard-Rock

Soul Funk B&W 45

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50s/60s Latin jazz Exotica titty-Shaker

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Go-go Girl Female vocal

Cosmic moog analog Electro 45/33


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J.E.T Italian Progressive Soul Mod dancer French pic


Anika na-o / Guarda coi tuoi occhi Orig 1973 single on French Durium

Italian progressive hippy soul dancer, only French picture sleeve

Record=EX- Cover=EX- Label=M-


Jethro Tull UK Progressive German picture sleeve 45t


Locomotive breath / Hymn 43 Orig 1969? single on German Island / Chrysalis 6012 055

Classic progressive, come with his cool German picture sleeve band.

Record=VG++ Cover=VG++(name) Label=VG++(name)



Jets Great UK Glam heavy Psych electro 2Siders!


Yeah! / Rusty corinthian pillar Orig 1973 single on French Cube

Im very happy since we start this "Glam hard psych" section to propose that single ! Crazy one, UK group, play a powerfull Hard prog vocal on Trippy moog space age sound effect, with a good organ section on the B side, come with a French Art sleeve issue!

Record=EX Cover=EX+ Label=M-


Jobriath French single sleeve only - Essentiel Gay Glam sike!


I'maman / Rock of ages Orig 1974? single on French Barclay

Essentiel US Glam single, out with the sleeve only on France!

Record=EX Cover=VG+ Label=M-



Joco Dev Sextett East Berlin Prog Psych FUZZ Legend Mega rare 7"


Wir lagen im Grase - Split w/Uve Schikora : Das alte Lied Orig 1971 single on East German Amiga

Mega rare 2nd single for this legendary underground East Berliner combo ! Split with Uve Schikora combo wich is his 1st recording. From 1971. Feat a great Progster Fuzz out track with some ultra groovy hippy flute times, archive copy!

Record=EX Label=M-

Joy unlimited Female Kraut Prog Funk vocal 70


Take me to the pilot / It's not alright Orig 1970 single on German Plydor

German female progressive pop soul single, a classic Fremale kraut single, with his fab picture sleeve band!

Record=EX Cover=EX Label=M-


Joy Unlimited German female psych rare Dutch pic!


Helpless Child Orig 1971 single on Dutch Global records

EX-Joy and the Hit-Kids . I think this single is the best track by them under this name and before they turn out funk, here is a very rare Dutch picture sleeve different from theGerman one with original center (for the one who only want to spin UK looking single).

Record=EX- Cover=EX Label=M-



Julian's Treatment UK Female Psych Prog 70


Phantom City / Alda Dark Lady Of The Outer Worlds Orig 1970 single on UK Young Blood YB 1009

UK Psychedelic progressive single two siders, hard to get as the promo young blood issue!

Record=EX- Label=M-


Junco partners UK Prog Psych downer - French pic only!


Change in Louise / Fly me high Orig 1970 single on French Barclay

UK Progressive sike single, only French sleeve issue!

Record=EX- Cover=EX+ Label=EX



Junior’s eyes UK Hard rock progressive 69 – Fine German art sleeve!


Woman love / White light part 2 Orig 1969 single on German Polydor

Rare German art sleeve for this UK Heavy rock combo, founded by Mike Wayne in 68, which was also David Bowie back band in the late 60s.

Record=VG++ Cover=VG+ Label=VG(writing /stamp)


Kan Alain Mega Rare French Glam - Bowie cover 73


Star ou rien / La vie en Mars (Life from Mars) Orig 1973 single on French Vogue

Glam-Punk legend, friend in the time with David Bowie, in interview Alain said " ..depuis que je connais David je ne loupe plus mes décolos. " Mega rare French Bowie cover version, a Glam icon single.

Record=M- Cover=M- Label=M-


Kaplan Artie Euro Progressive Pop-sike NM


Harmony / God Fearin' Man Orig 197? single on French Riviera 121452J

Progressive pop-sike, out as the French early 70s sleeve issue.

Record=M- Cover=M- Label=M-


Keel Linda French female prog rock 45t 70s


Melody lady (mélancolie) / Take me to the water Orig 1973 single on French Spot Sonopresse ST 40108

Cool French heavy prog rock by this French female blues rock artist, a side was penned by J.Arel and the flip by Bashung.

Record=EX+ Cover=EX+ Label=



Keel Linda French heavy guitar Glam rock NM!


Le fils du rock n'roll / Je peux le faire Orig 197? single on French CBS 4347

Brilliant French female glam rock single with with a fab art sleeve in near perfect condition

Record=M- Cover=EX+ Label=M-



Kids Underground German girl group Glam pop phasing


Blue-jean-rock-machine / Pinball Orig 1974 single on German Funny Records 974.002

Totally obscure German girl glam-pop-sike single

Record=M- Cover=EX+ Label=M- Insert=M-


King Harvest Freak rock blues glam French single


A train / Slide Orig 197? single on French Chuckanut

Very heavy bluesy rock sound, very rare French little press!!

Record=EX- Cover=EX Label=M-



Kiss inc. Mega rare French version Swiss Kraut Psych 7"


Monsieur mon père / There's you Orig 1972 single on French Riviera

You know probably about the German pressing single with the English version, here is the mega rare French press, with a different picture sleeve, and yes! An alternative A side in French that you may never heard before, a very difficult record done by the Swiss Maestro Stefan Sulk! On B side is also interesting, it was out under CBS press, both sides are uncomp! For your information the B side was out only in Swiss and Italian press.

Record=EX- Cover=EX Label=M-


Klan Monster Polish Freakbeat hard Psych EP


Gdzie jest czlowiek / Automaty / Z brzytwa na poziomki / Nie sadzcie rajskich jabloni Orig 1969? EP on Pronit M.4A.1162

Super rare Polish EP, one of the really best heavy Freakbeat psychdelic record from this country !! Lyrics are in Polish and the music play with freakbeat drum + powerful bassline in Attack or Smoke veine !! a polish Freakbeat psych Monster !!!!

Record=EX Cover=VG++ Label=M-


Kleptomania Belgium Glam pop rock French pic


Mean old man / Back to the country Orig 1975 single on French Kingdom

Very nice Belgium Glam pop single, come with the French sleeve in great condition, except for archives stamp.

Record=EX Cover=EX-(stamp & promo stamp)Label=EX-(stamp)



Komintern Mega rare French underground hippy psych folk single.


Fou, roi, pantin / Elle était belle orig 1971 single on French Harvest

Legendary only single done by that communist French hippy combo, near impossible to get!!!

Record=EX Cover=EX- Label=M-



Korni grupa Great Ex-Yugo Hard psych prog


Neko spava pored mene Orig 1971? single on Ex-Jugoslavian RTB

Very nice Ex-Yugo hard progressive rock psych single!

Record=VG+ Cover=VG+ Label=M-



Korni Grupa Rare Ex Yugoslavian Psych oriental folk


Pastir I Cvet Rock / ako jednom budes sama Orig 197? Single on Ex Jugoslavian Radio Televizja Beograd

Rare and good Ex-Yugoslavian Progressive Psychedelic double siders, come with a fantastic art sleeve in great condition!

Record=EX- Cover=M- Label=M-



Kovacs Monster Hungarian female Psych smasher!


Add mar uram az esot! / Aranyhidon mentem Orig 1972 single on Hungarian Pepita SP 70003

Orig Hungarian version mush more harder to come across than the east German one, this one sound more row.

Record=VG++ Label=M-


Kris Cristinia Great Brasil Female tropical psych funk


Uma rosa com amor / Lero lero Orig 1972 single on Brasilia RCA

Very groovy Brasil psych groove tow siders

Record=VG Label=M-


Krokodil Killer Switzerland kraut psych dancer


Blue flashing circle Orig 1971? single on German Liberty

Swiss-German krautrock legend. Here is the very best and rarest single by them! Play a cold heavy glam Psych Break dancer !! Monster sound !!

Record=EX Cover=M- Label=M-


Kuno's dance band Obscure Kraut Psych groove LSD 2Siders!


Knock out / Nebraska Orig 1973 single on German Polydor

Mega rare German demanted psych freaky groove single two siders, been ages last copy i offered.. take your chance!

Record=M- Cover=EX Label=M-



Lamberts Private Austro Krautrock single


Rock'nroll is klass / Komm, tanz mit uns Orig 1980? Single on Austrian Hörnix records

Very obscure Austrian Rock progressive single out on private label. Come with a rare insert!

Record=VG++ Cover=EX- Label=M- Insert=M-


Langevine Gérard French Progressive pop


Les Murs / Maroussia Orig 197? single on French Gakloway Records 600115

Tasty and unkown French protest progressive pop-sike single, hard to find!

Record=M- Cover=EX- Label=M-


Lannhuel Manu Obscure Acid Folk Psych progressive private 7"


Pirc'hirinadenn / Passant par les champs le long de la rivière 1974 Disque IRIS

Mega rare single with one track non feat from his indemand album from later on 76, great mixure with folk progressive and acid psych, issued privatly without cover!

Record=VG Label=EX


Lara Catherine French Female Prog twisted pop-sike


Poisson d'Avril / On s'est trompé d'histoire d'amour Orig 1973 single on French CBS 1497

Southafter early 70s single, by this well knowFrench female artiste, quite a nice surprise with this so uncommon trippy pop-sike crossover single 2Siders, arr y Claude Dejacques.

Record=VG++ Cover=EX Label=M-/EX-(stamp)


La revolucion de Emiliano Zapata Mexican heavy guitar freak rock


Todavia nada / Nasty sex Orig 1970 single on Mexican Polydor 2219 011

Classic Mexican Freak rock psych! the show some marks and wear, but "todavia.." play great the other side got more clics, sleeve has some wears and stamp on the back.

Record=VG Cover=VG++ Label=EX-


Led Zeppelin French Pic single Hard rock funk


D'yer maker / The crunge Orig 1973 single on French Atlantic

French picture sleeve, that one sound close to Can..

Record=EX+ Cover=EX+ Label=M-



Led Zeppelin German picture sleeve - UK Hard rock psych


Whole lotta love / Living loving maid (she's just a woman) Orig 1969 single on German Atlantic

Classic UK Heavy psych rock. Near mint copy!

Record=EX Cover=M- Label=M-



Led Zeppelin Classic Freak rock Psych dancer


Whole lotta love / Livin' lovin' maid Orig 1970? single on French Atlantic

Classic and essential Psych rock dancer, French press.

Record=VG++ Cover=EX- Label=VG++(removal sticker)/M-



Last update : Jan, 2022