Parapluie N°6-1972

Very rare underground newspaper inc. amazing exclusive French Psych Op art comic in b&w on 3 big size pages, entitled "Jacqueline Prothèse" by Philippe Legendre.
Founded in november 1970, this newspaper is one of the most important in the french counterculture, it presents the underground scene, in music, cinema and litterature from avant garde artists of the era. It has 13 issues only, printed out irregularly from 1970 to 1973. This issue presents different articles : one text by Jerry Rubin, about the liberation of John Sinclair, leader of the band MC5; one text by the genius Jean Louis Brau, about the right of immaturity; music articles on the Byrds (Jet Sound), or Bachdenkel ( ex- The Furists), Uk band based in France, and finally the bands Third world war and Kominter. Philippe Garrel appears in the movie's section

Front cover


Jacqueline prothese (comix by Philippe Legendre and Henri Jean Enu)